NIST Traceability now available for Lixer Tools Tape Measure Calibration Tools

October 25th, 2009



NIST Traceability is now available for both models of Lixer Tools Tape Measure Calibrator.

Lixer Tools recently added a Certificate of NIST Traceability for both models of their Tape Measure Calibration Tools, the original Lixer and the Super Lixer.  The calibration lines at both 10 mm and at 6 inches will check both the push and pull measurements of a tape measure.  Accuracy of all four calibration lines will be indicated on the certificate.

At Lixer Tools we find accuracy problems with a tape measure begin with end hook placement at the factory.  A Lixer will identify these problems easily.  Before you buy a new tape measure, check it at the store for accuracy.  If the end hook is not accurately placed on the end of the tape measure, you won’t be able to fix it.  I try to find a tape measure that only needs a little grinding with a diamond hone to make it extremely accurate.  I usually check 5 or 6 tapes before I find one I can work with.

The Lixer is a special tool used for maintaining the accuracy of a tape measure.  It will help you identify if the end hook of the tape measure has been bent, may have a burr or some glue on it that is affecting the accuracy of your measurements, or if the rivets are worn beyond being able to repair the tool.  Any of the above will affect the accuracy by varying amounts.

The Super Lixer also has an adjustable level.  The NIST Certificate for the Super Lixer Tape Measure Calibrator and Level will also include information regarding bubble level accuracy and initial settings (approximately +/- .001 per foot). 

If you own a tape measure that has been NIST certified, a Lixer Tape Measure Calibration Tool will help you ensure that a damaged end hook is not causing faulty readings along your tape.

If measurement accuracy is important to you, visit for additional information on their products and more helpful hints.

Calibrating a Tape Measure

April 10th, 2009

How to Calibrate a Tape Measure

The easiest way to calibrate a tape measure is with a Lixer. A Lixer is a tool designed for checking tape measure accuracy. It is also used for tape measure calibration. It is available at

The Lixer is easy to use. Simply place the tape measures end hook in the slot on the calibration scale of your Lixer. Compare the push and the pull functions of your tape measure to the metric or standard marks lasered on the Lixer. Use the end hook adjustment slot to straighten a bent end hook. After straightening the end hook, recheck the tape measure with a Lixer to see if you have corrected the error. (for more detailed information visit Use your Lixer to purchase an accurate tape measure to start with, and then use your Lixer to verify your tape measure accuracy when needed. End hooks get damaged if the tape measure is dropped or can be damaged from winding back into the case too quickly. The rivets also have a wear factor, which can easily be identified with a Lixer. After many years of service, I will retire my tape measure from precision work. It is easy to find a new favorite tape measure with a Lixer.