Calibrate a Tape Meaure using a Lixer

February 10th, 2009

Tape Measure Calibration

Quite the dilemma . . . Tape Measure Calibration.

Which tape measure is the accurate one?

I know, get a Lixer at and find out. It will tell you which tape measure is accurate. With a Lixer, you can straighten the end hook of the tape measure you dropped yesterday. Quite often this will correct the tape measure’s accuracy. Use a Lixer for all your tape measure calibration and you’ll avoid costly errors in measuring.

We’ve used one for years. We have all our employees check their tape measures against the Lixer to verify and maintain accurate tape measure calibration.

Since the placement of the end hook is so important, I recommend using a Lixer to find an accurate tape measure when purchasing a new one.

There are other simple factors which affect Tape Measure Calibration. Burrs from manufacturing are common. I use a diamond hone to clean these up. I use a Lixer to calibrate this work as well. Often I find a little glue stuck on the end when checking accuracy with a Lixer. Clean this off, and check again. I may correct the error.