Calibrating a Tape Measure

March 10th, 2009

A Lixer is a special tool used for calibrating a tape measure. is the best place to get your own Lixer.

A Lixer will check both the push and the pull measurements of your tape measure.  This allows for more accurate calibration of the tape measure.  Check out our Links for more infomation about tape measure calibration and tape measure accuracy.

I’ve had my own Lixer for over 20 years.  I use my Lixer to calibrate tape measures.  I use a calibrated tape measure to check production equipment for accurate cutting.  I also keep all my employee’s tape measures matching. This will eliminate a big part of the measuring error problems that can occur. is a great web site with more helpful hints. Check it out!  If slight measuring errors cause problems in your shop, a Lixer could be a helpful tool for you.